Decrease your energy costs in real time via operational recommendations


.01 SaaS Artificial Intelligence Software for Industrial Energy Efficiency

We propose a unique technology based on 3 main pillars:


Easily track your energy consumption and detect anomalies in real time


Optimize your energy consumption in real time via recommendations pushed by our AI engine


Improve the quality of your energy flows

.02 Industry and energy efficiency: a key issue.

With the increase in primary energy costs but also because of the rise of environmental and social issues, the reduction of energy bills has become a major issue for industries.

To do so, 4 key stages must be crossed, depending on your network’s level of maturity.


Energy audit

Improvement of the hardware and implementation of a metering plan

Monitoring behavior (consumption and production) via real-time data

Behavioral optimizations via data

.03 Our added value.

DCbrain offers a solution to accelerate your digital maturity on energy optimisation topics. Most manufacturers already use data visualisation. But this one does not fulfill all the needs. When you have a lot of data, which is an advantage, it can become complicated to find the relevant information at a given time.

DCbrain is the only prescriptive Energy Management System (EMS). Beyond the simple functionality of a traditional EMS, such as monitoring and control of energy, DCbrain brings two fundamentally different elements: the ability to dynamically detect anomalies within the network, and the operational recommendation.

This last point is one of our real strengths: DCBrain has the ability to offer real-time network tuning options to optimise consumption. To implement this solution, we combine Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies with relational graph bases to better visualise your network and any anomalies. To learn more, check out our White Papers.

.04 Is your network compatible with the DCbrain Artificial Intelligence solution?

The implementation of this innovative technology is only possible under certain conditions. Take the test to see how we can help you achieve your energy goals:

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