Supply Chain

Optimization of your logistics and supply chain network and real time recommendations


.01 SaaS Artificial Intelligence Software for Logistics Optimisation.

We propose a unique technology based on 3 main pillars:


Easily track the performance of your supply chain.


Improve the quality of service for your networks.


Optimise transportation plans and storage capacities.

.02 Supply Chain: the management of resources as a competitiveness lever.

The world of supply chain is confronted with several trends: a pressure on the quality of service (fast delivery), a need to comply with regulatory / ecological / societal requirements, and a shortage of more and more resources.
In this context, we must be able to move from a logic of performance (delivery on time) to a logic of efficiency (deliver in time and via the shortest ways). While this optimization logic has always existed with the strategic design of the supply chain and the use of conventional optimisers, it remains until now limited by the sustainable dynamism of the supply: evolution of the demand, the flows, and the capacities.
The use of data, coupled with advanced technologies of Artificial Intelligence, will allow the supply chain sector to move from static to dynamic optimisation.

To do so, 4 key stages (or maturity stages) must be crossed, depending on your network’s maturity.


Implementation and capacity management (transport / warehousing) based on business rules

Data recovery and afterwards control

Use of the data in real time to refine capacity utilization (transport / warehouses)

Behaviors optimization of via data

.03 Our added value.

Most logisticians / logistics departments already use data visualisation. But this one does not fulfill all the needs.

When you have a lot of data, which is an advantage, it can become complicated to find the relevant information at a given time. Moreover, the tools of BI / data visualization do not propose possibilities of optimization for the logistic networks.

DCbrain is the only decision support tool based on Artificial Intelligence and data that dynamically optimizes a transport plan or storage means via the use of AI technologies. It is very simple to integrate a new hazard (adding a point to deliver, evolution of the flow, capacity change of transport or storage, network reconfigurations), and to calculate the overall impacts on the global network via the DCbrain tool. To implement our solution, we combine Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies with relational graph bases to better visualize your network and any anomalies.