New solutions for new challenges

EU regulation, simulations of new injections, adequate invoicing, communication to stakeholders…
Find out how digital solutions can quickly reply to new challenges for gas DSOs

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Laura Bosetti, Policy Advisor @ Eurogas

Anne-Florence Castaing, Engineering Studies & Innovation Lead Manager @ REGAZ Bordeaux

Arnaud de Moissac, CEO @ DCbrain

Hosted by Geert Meulenbelt, Export Manager @DCbrain

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Let’s meet,
Let’s brain
BRAIN UP by DCbrain
Your new monthly meet-up on green tech solutions delivered to complex networks.

Brain up with us to get useful insights on FitFor55, GasPackage and other fast evolving regulations, a view behind the screens of DCbrain’s hybrid artificial intelligence and a green gas tracking solution successfully industrialized at a gas distribution network.

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