DCbrain: Gartner’s new sample vendor for Digital Supply Chain Twin!

DCbrain has been named a Sample Vendor in the Digital Supply Chain Twin category with only 6 other companies in 2020!

A digital Supply Chain Twin is a “digital representation of the physical supply chain that can be used to drive understanding and make decisions across an E2E supply chain.”

DCbrain has developed an Intelligent Network tool INES combining digital twins with Artificial Intelligence in order to to understand, model and optimize flows, predict and detect anomalies for supply chains. The Ines Saas software is now used by tier one companies, with proven ROIs. 

DCbrain has already been awarded in 2020 winning the hackathon #EUvsVirus with its project “Deal with aleas, save lives”.
This European online Hackathon was undoubtedly the largest. It gathered more than 21000 participants for 2160 projects developed in 48 hours.

With Ines, Supply chain operators  can anticipate and optimise supply chains by integrating hazards (borders closed, warehouses restrictions…) in an optimisation tool which allows to recalculate possible transport ways everyday and forecast storage arrangement.

Here is a visualisation of flows in our INES software interface:


Download our white paper “Artificial Intelligence for Logistics & Supply Chain”: