The future role of hydrogen from a national and European perspective

Germany has decided in June 2020 to invest in total 9 billion € for its National Hydrogen Strategy. This budget will be used to develop the research, infrastructures and the framework conditions necessary for the production of 5 gigawatts of hydrogen from renewable energy sources by 2030. The objective is then to double this volume by 2040 and allocate part of the budget to develop and secure its supply through international partnerships.

During this webinar, you got a more detailed overview of the German hydrogen strategy thanks to our speaker Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Birkner, Director at House of Energy. He explained the different options in hydrogen production, describe the integration of hydrogen into the energy system and talk about use cases of hydrogen.

You also understood how DCbrain, thanks to its Intelligent Network solution software, INES, contributes to this strategy, with our speaker Geert Meulenbelt, Export Manager at DCbrain. Using Fluxys/DCbrain partnership’s example, you got a clear view on DCbrain’s possible involvement.

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