The association between Daher and DCbrain has led to the creation of a white paper explaining the ins and outs of industrial logistics optimisation. It is this long-term relationship with, on the one hand, use cases and, on the other, technological solutions, which is the strength of this collaboration, guiding it in the present and inscribing it in the future, since Daher and DCbrain regularly share their roadmaps and strategies.

In a world where the digital and the physical never cease to meet, DCbrain, via its R&D, proposes innovative solutions to meet these needs thanks to its hybrid AI technology.

In this white paper, different issues are addressed such as: the optimization of storage space on a construction site, the scheduling of resources on an assembly or finishing line as well as the scheduling of preparations, issues that are essential if we want to maintain stable and sustainable growth in an environment with limited resources.


Download the white paper on Optimizing Industrial Logistics: