TEREGA is one of the two operators of the gas transmission network in France with GRTgaz (which manages the network outside the southwestern part of France). The company is also specialized in the storage of natural gas. TEREGA transmission network comprises more than 5,000 kilometers, or 16% of the French network of major transmission pipelines, and six compressor stations. TEREGA also manages two underground natural gas storage sites in Lussagnet and Izaute, representing 24% of France's gas storage


The Teréga team draws up a daily plan for its flow management based on its forecasts. In order to improve the operating costs of its compressor park in Pau, Teréga uses DCbrain technology, an Artificial Intelligence software that allows to have quickly and precisely the optimal compressor settings based on the site data. Previously, Teréga had a tool, an outdated macro excel, which had problems of slowness.
Teréga's objective was to improve this process in order to better adjust the different compressors, and thus improve its energy efficiency. Teréga was looking for a tool that could work for both transport and storage teams.

DCbrain’s intervention

The objective for DCbrain is then to prescribe the optimal network parameters for the operational teams, optimize the settings to allow better productivity and thus lead to savings of up to 50 million per year. To achieve this, DCbrain has created a digital duplicate of the entire network which allows the generation of automatic recommendations for compressor tuning configurations.
Within 3 months of deployment DCbrain allowed Teréga to identify the optimal compressor efficiency based on the data and to better adjust the compressor utilization rate according to gas demand.

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