The Artificial Intelligence tool that understands and optimizes your networks:

Specialized operational tool

Quick setup

Compatible with standard systems

.01 A unique solution to optimise your networks

Today, the processing of your data is limited by your computer system in place. This system is mainly transactional and was not created to process your data. Hence the multiplication of Excel files…

DCbrain offers you an innovative network management tool: INeS – Intelligent Network Solution. This solution easily adapts to your existing IT tools, via APIs, to offer advanced analysis functionalities, accessible directly by the operations managers of your networks.
In other words, DCbrain offers a « smart layer » compatible with all currently existing tools (AZURE, AWS, GCP, OVH, MySphere, C3IoT, …), allowing your to access the power of Artificial Intelligence without even thinking about it.

.02 A modular tool, adapted to your optimisation challenges

Depending on your operational issues and your data maturity, there are several possibilities available to you to optimize it and thus reduce your energy, time and money expenses.

Our basic module consists in a business visualisation via a digital double of your network and an interactive dashboard tool. The goal: to allow you to easily monitor the performance of your network.

Depending on your challenges, our tool is structured in several modules:

  • A prediction module, allowing you to anticipate the behaviour of your network.
  • An anomaly detection module allowing you to easily identify anomalies on your network (including counting problems)
  • A simulation module allowing you to model changes in your physical network and calculate the impacts on your network
  • A real-time optimization module allowing you to make the best decisions in order to increase network performance

.03 An easy to use tool: an optimised network in just a few clicks

Beyond its unique features, INeS – Intelligent Network Solution – is above all a tool created specifically for your networks, quick to set up and simple to use.
Very easy to integrate into your current tools via APIs, our tool meets all industrial standards while being completely secure.

The satisfaction of our users is key: the tool is accessible via a modern SaaS web interface, allowing users easy handling with visualisations that can be configured directly by our customers.

Our goal: to make the use of AI simple.

Web UI + API

Industrial standards

Real-time optimization

AI Core



DCbrain’s tool INeS – Intelligent Network Solution – is unique. It allows you to better understand what is happening in real time in your network, to identify anomalies and to offer you possibilities for optimising your network. But beyond these functionalities, the strength of our solution is its ability to easily adapt to your current tools via APIs. Our tool is therefore easy to implement and its integration is done in just a few weeks.

DCbrain is independent and works in a non-exclusive way with all the major cloud platforms on the market, which makes us the perfect trusted third party.
The digitalisation of your operational processes starts now thanks to DCbrain.

Our solution consists of a series of complementary modules. You only pay for what you really need. The tool INeS – Intelligent Network Solution – is the easiest way to increase your daily margin, regardless of your industry: Utilities, Industry or Supply Chain.

Not convinced yet?

Discover the gains we have generated for our customers thanks to our tool INeS – Intelligent Network Solution – by downloading our Whitepapers and take a look at our References of selected clients.

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