Integrating Green Gases.
How is it possible to reach new levels of performance with Hybrid AI?

Discover how DCbrain makes the Gas Network smarter with Artificial Intelligence!

The gas industry is widely known for its complexity, its risks and for having expensive and capital-intensive assets. In recent years, gas transmission and distribution networks have been facing a major shift towards smarter networks and greener networks, in particular with the injection of Biogaz.

The real challenges for gas Transport and Distribution network managers are about facing both the build-up and the running of the networks: How to better predict in and outflows, how to better regulate all the points in the Transport and Distribution networks, how to easily find unbalances, how to better manage your assets,… These challenges are now integrated and solved with “DB GMS” (Data-Based Gas Management Systems) and Hybrid AI.

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  INTEGRATING GREEN GASES How to reach new levels of performance with Hybrid AI