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Faced with complex logistics flows, an increasingly unstable situation and environmental emergencies, we believe that AI is the solution to simplify planning of your logistics operations.

Prepare for and overcome unforeseen events with Artificial Intelligence

Whether they are manufacturers, distributors, transportation or logistics service providers, all actors in the supply chain today are facing  huge and recurring challenges related to the environment, health and energy. By choosing AI, you equip yourself to remove risk from the logistics chain: constantly adapt, reduce CO2 emissions, improve customer satisfaction and control costs.

Control your logistics chain and its environmental impact

In an increasingly complex geopolitical situation, you now have an economic and environmental obligation to constantly optimize your flows and resources, while reducing your impact on the environment. At a time when more than one quarter of CO2 emissions in Europe are related to freight transportation, logistics actors have a crucial role to play in meeting decarbonization challenges.

At DCbrain, we are convinced that technologies using AI can significantly reduce the environmental footprint of human activities. This is why we aim to be the leading solution that will help you make your supply chain greener and more adaptive. 

Can we more effectively address dysfunctional logistics chains, complex flows and environmental challenges? The answer is ‘yes’. At DCbrain, we put our collective intelligence to work to achieve your aims. Using our business and AI expertise, we have developed a hybrid AI-SaaS solution to meet the challenges of logistics planning

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