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Supply chain complexity is growing, and there is ever more and varied data to be processed, while cost and decarbonization requirements are becoming tougher. Faced with these challenges, you can regain control with our AI solution dedicated to supply chain planners.

The AI for Supply Chain Actors

Managing and forecasting logistics flows, planning for unforeseen events, and staying on top of performance indicators is a balancing act. Our AI-based solution gives you power back over your past, present, future and hypothetical flows. 

How can we help you?

What is the past and present situation?

With our solution, you can consolidate your various data and model a digital twin of your network. We give meaning and value to your logistics data to help you build and convey a clear, shared vision of your supply chain: control data quality, assess key performance indicators, identify inconsistencies, and discover leverage for improvement.

What will the future situation be and which challenges will need to be met?

Our solution helps you take into account the future situation and needs. It enables you to simulate your supply chain’s response (network, resources and strategies). This means you can assess the relevance and robustness of your logistics planning and prepare for potential problems or bottlenecks.

How to make best use of your network and available resources?

Using AI algorithms dedicated to logistics flow planning, our solution enables you to rapidly determine the best decisions, while taking your requirements into account. Optimization strategies can be tailored to your challenges: minimize the cost per kilometer, reduce carbon emissions, maximize performance, and so on.

How to adapt your network and strategy to meet future challenges?

Our solution provides calculation and analysis tools to simulate changes in your logistics network, requirements, management rules, and priorities, all in real time. This means you can prepare for the future with peace of mind and make informed decisions with far greater agility.


A unique technology

Logistics flow planning deserves a dedicated solution

A controlled and innovative solution that has demonstrated its value

The end goal: contribute to the economic and environmental performance of your logistics operations

Our advice

Everything begins with data

The quality of input data is crucial to ensuring the accuracy of results and the relevance of recommendations put forward by the AI. Before starting out, prepare your data, including orders, flow histories, deadlines and time constraints. By consolidating your data, you can verify global consistency and assess your performance indicators.

Involve business experts and end users

To make your project a success and manage change, we recommend forming a representative project team and involving planners in the early stages. We work together by using an agile approach and placing your teams at the core of the system. Once the solution is set up, our Customer Success Managers help you get to grips with the tool.

Establish clear and measurable objectives

In order to define and evaluate your performance, it is crucial to define key indicators and specific objectives to be achieved. Do you know your current performance levels for the various indicators? Our solution will help you assess and optimize your flows in order to maximize them.


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