The dynamic transportation planning

The AI to dynamically adapt your transportation plans, while simplifying the day-to-day work of planners.and decarbonizing your operations

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A technological alliance serving innovation in industry

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AI that serves logistics planning

Simplify, boost and decarbonize your supply chain

We are convinced that AI helps simplify logistics planning. We go beyond a short-term vision of planning challenges, so our clients can deploy an adaptive and greener supply chain.

Prepare for and control your transportation logistics, intralogistics and planning flows to build an adaptive and sustainable supply chain

Tactical Planning

Cut your transportation-related costs by up to 15% and reduce your CO2 emissions thanks to our optimisation solution for your transportation plans

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Operational Planning

Optimize your transportation operations for an improved service level and adapt them rapidly on the basis of available resources

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Supply planning

Plan ahead for your supplies, flows and stocks with a global vision to avoid shortages and minimize your costs.

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Logistics Planning

Easily plan your logistics operations and rapidly schedule your picking tasks with our intralogistics solution

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Choose an Engaged & Sustainable AI

Working with DCbrain means choosing an engaged, independent and controlled AI that will help you simplify planning of your flows and meet your environmental targets

“By combining our data with the algorithms of an AI expert, we will be able to help our teams constantly improve the service they provide to our clients and achieve operational excellence.”

François Thibault Operational Excellence Director
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“The number-one thing we expect, which we found at DCbrain, is the ability to have a super-fast decision-making process.”

Damien Chapotot BU Director
Stef Transport
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LIDL has made a commitment to reduce its CO2 emissions and this means that we must further optimize our transportation plans to continue to reduce our carbon footprint. With DCbrain’s AI, we can meet these challenges.

Xavier Pierre Transport and Environment Manager
Lidl France
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