This is the story of DCbrain,
be all ears

.01 The project.

The DCbrain project begins to take shape in 2014, following the observation that the energy expenditures of data centers are out of control: the energy bill can represent up to 75% of their operating costs. There is no solution or tool to monitor these complex flows, make them more reliable, optimise and anticipate them. Here is where the idea was born.

Optimising consumptions, integrating renewable energies, reducing transportation impacts…
Today, AI is the key to achieve the energy transition.

Arnaud and Benjamin

The main goal of the founders of DCbrain was simply to use the data coming from certain energy networks (electricity and cooling in the data center environment) to be able to easily visualise the behaviors (load of the network, imbalance, anomalies of consumption) and optimize the setting of networks. The main problem was to be able to link the databases to each other, following the topology of the network through the use of relational graph bases.

Since then, the company has evolved. Data scientists, developers and mapping specialists have joined us to improve the technology and the tool and bring them into the era of Deep Tech and Artificial Intelligence.

Today, large companies have already integrated our software, the INeS – Intelligent Network Solutions©, to optimize their logistics or energy networks (electricity, gas, heat network, steam, compressed air…) in real time:

.02 Highlights of the company.

  • 2014 -
  • 2015 -
  • 2016 -
  • 2017 -
  • 2018 -
  • 2019

Company creation

Integration of the Telecom Paris Tech Incubator: the adventure is launched!

R&D and Tool development
Winner of Enedis Smart Grid Contest: The technology's value is acknowledged!

Launch of the INeS - Intelligent Network Solutions commercialization

Launch of several PoCs: the tool is adopted!

Integration of “Station F”, within the Microsoft AI Factory

DCbrain wins several AI competitions: the tool is recognized on the market!

€ 1.5 million raised from Aster Capital, Bpifrance and InnoEnergy French Tech Pass award: DCBrain is in hyper growth!

Integration of new employees

First international contract signings: DCbrain goes global!

.03 They support DCbrain.