Supply Chain



Optimization of your Energy network and operational recommendations in real time.

Supply Chain

.01 AI software for Smart Grids: Gas, Heat, Electricity, Water.

We propose a unique technology based on 3 main pillars:


Track the performance of your network and detect anomalies in real time.


Easily simulate Energy Grid network evolutions.


Optimise your network performance and the quality of your service.

.02 Data: a lever for setting up network flows. Now you have to know how to use it.

All energy / utilities networks now face a triple challenge: a break-out in terms of production (decentralisation, self-consumption, intermittency), a more complex balance to achieve, pressure (conceding / regulatory / consumer) on network performance and energy efficiency. Whether the network in question delivers hot water, steam, gas, electricity; or it is a distribution, transport network; the use of data is in all cases a key driver for addressing this fundamental transition to Smart Grids.

To do so, 4 key stages (or maturity stage) must be crossed, according to your level of maturity.


Classic network driving mode, circuit validation via data

Recovery of consumption data and an occasional and limited analysis (example: consumption curve analysis, customer profile)

Operation optimization of the pipeline (injection or production / network) and finer simulation studies via data

Optimization of maintenance via data

.03 Our added value.

DCbrain offers a solution to accelerate your digital maturity on network driving and simulation topics. We offer the only SaaS decision support tool for conducting and simulating utility networks. Our tool uses the power of AI to answer the key issues of operational fields. It includes simple features such as real-time monitoring of KPIs and simple anomaly detection, more complex features such as consumption prediction, and unique features: a prescriptive module with the ability to offer real-time network optimization possibilities as well as a dynamic anomaly identification module. Use DCbrain to balance and optimize energy consumptions for your energy flows. To learn more, download our White Papers!