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The first question related to the short-term introduction of renewable gases.

More than 50% of the respondents cite both hydrogen and biomethane, with “biomethane only” coming a good second.

A minority of the respondents replied there were no projects or projects with hydrogen only.










A second question related to the perceived political impacts on green gas deployment.

Without surprise, there were many concerns about the ongoing political situation.

Both taxonomy and the FitFor55 regulation package are important elements affecting the gas industry. But the conclusion is that at the end of the day, country-specific regulations will have the most profound impact.








With green gas injections comes the digitization of gas networks.

Not all European gas distributors are at the same stage, so we wanted to know if the trend was more towards digitization projects or the current use of tools such as DCbrain’s INES software.

Here are the participants answers.










Then we interrogated the participants on their priority use-cases.

The simulation of new inflows comes first which seems natural since many injection projects are still in the feasibility stage.

Consumption forecast, invoicing, asset management and sector coupling got fewer marks.

But the overall conclusion seems to be that green gas inflows will have a profound impact on different areas because most of the respondents selected between 2 and more replies.







On the digital maturity of projects we then asked for the perceived challenges.

The most important bottle-neck is the data quality. Next come both an implementation partner and the adequate management of expectations, that often tend to be unrealistic.











A big thanks to all the participants to this first edition of our BRAIN UP webinars,

and to those who answer the survey !

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