Strategic Supply Chain Optimization Cases
LafargeHolcim optimizes the production plan of its plants in Europe: who produces what, how much, when and where to deliver?


LafargeHolcim has 6 plants in Europe with more than 80 different cement recipes and wishes to plan annual production in order to optimize production and transport costs. Many constraints have to be taken into account in this desire for optimization. There are cement/clinker production constraints, storage constraints, loading/unloading capacities, transport production purchase costs, etc...

DCbrain’s intervention

DCbrain has set up a dynamic Digital Twin, i.e. it has modelled the network with all its constraints. This allowed him to create simulations of different scenarios to obtain the scenario with the best optimization while satisfying all constraints. Thanks to this collaboration, Lafarge saved more than 2 million Euros. This is due to a substitution of revenues by more profitable ones, to an optimization of inter-site exchanges (less production costs of finished products or raw materials), and finally to a modification of the distribution network (more traffic by rail than by truck, more traffic on platforms). LafargeHolcim therefore now has an interface enabling it to make forecasts and simulations.

For more details, download the document describing our project with  LafargeHolcim: