In order to adapt its billings according to the gas consumed by each delivery point, a digital twin has been created by DCbrain to obtain all the necessary information to provide to REGAZ


REGAZ is a gas distributor which serves 45 communes with natural gas in Gironde, France.
They came to us to deal with two main requirements :
-Define the propagation zone of the Biomethane : There are a lot of different injections points, with different Higher heating value (HHV) and 3 pressure blocks. The nature of the consumed gas can vary each day and the consumption can differ depending on the city gate.
-Adjust invoices depending on the consumed gas : Need to identify the gas propagation areas according to the network knowledge and measurements made. Need to determine which city gate consumed biomethane everyday

DCbrain’s intervention

The main objective of the project was to identify the consumers that have consumed biogas above agreed level. To do so, DCbrain has integrated various data sources to learn from the topology of the network and the engaged volume. Then, DCbrain created a digital twin to visualise the gas measures and the propagation on the graph This methodology made possible, thanks to the confrontation between city gates measures and network propagation, to know what is the nature of the gas consumed at a certain city gate.
As a result of our collaboration with REGAZ, there is now a file that tracks the type and the volume for each city gate consumption everyday, for the day before. Some report and comparative overviews are also available.

Download our white paper on the integration of green gases with AI