Tactical Transportation Planning

Calculate and optimise your transportation plans and cut your costs by up to 15%, while reducing your CO2 emissions.

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Our solution enables you to model your network, your fleet (internal or external) and all your requirements. You can rapidly analyze the performance of your transportation plans by viewing alerts and indicators, and also use the power of AI to simulate and optimize your plans.

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Meet your transportation challenges with our expertise

Our solution has been designed in collaboration with research managers, transportation and operations departments to meet the specific challenges of tactical transportation planning. With our expertise in AI, you can move from a static to a dynamic vision of your transportation plans. 

How can we help you?

Structuring an adaptive target organization and setting a course

We give you the means to clearly analyze the performance of the current and projected network. You can build a complete, optimized transportation plan in line with your challenges (cost, CO2, recurrence, service quality, etc.). Our solution also enables you to prepare for future changes in your network: addition/removal of sites, variations in demand, resources, etc.

Make informed decisions for fast business growth

Our solution brings you the information you need to make decisions through efficient and personalised user interfaces. You can collaborate with peace of mind and save time by digitalising your transportation plans. What’s more, you can easily leverage your business knowledge to guide the solutions proposed by AI. 

Achieve your environmental and societal goals

With DCbrain, you can evaluate the impact of your tactical decisions on your environmental indicators (distances travelled, CO2 emissions from activities, etc.). You can also use these indicators as a target to be optimized by our algorithms. Our tools also enable you to embed management rules, such as the repeatability of plans, to facilitate the day-to-day work of employees and drivers.


Improve your SLA while reducing your costs and carbon footprint

Foster collaboration and transparency through clear and shared analysis

Gain agility by updating your decisions more frequently

Application Examples

Courier Transport Network Performance Evaluation

  • Evaluate performance of the current scheme based on historical flows
  • Identify routes that need to be strengthened to adjust the sales price
  • Rapidly identify the impacts of new customer integration on the network

Optimize a Transportation Plan in a Complex Network

  • Examine the opportunity of setting up co-loading loops from a branch office to simplify flows 
  • Compare two scenarios – direct flow or via a hub – and identify the impacts (costs, load factor, carbon footprint)
  • Spread operational workload across warehouses

Distribution or Pickup Route Planning

  • Determine several versions of a standard transportation plan for low and high-load days
  • Resize the owned fleet 
  • Simulate the introduction of new pricing conditions by a carrier and analyze the impact on the plan


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