Intralogistics Operations Planning

Plan ahead for your human and material resources needs and increase your productivity by 15% by optimizing your intralogistics operations

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Intralogistics planning
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Our solution enables you to model your warehouse and its resources, both human and material, needed for order preparation and logistics operations. Run your business globally and sustainably using our scheduling functionality, to accurately plan task allocation and completion.

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Meet your logistics challenges with our expertise

With our intralogistics operations planning solution, we efficiently meet the needs of warehouse managers, team leaders and operators. We engage daily with our clients and users to develop a solution that meets their business needs and put our AI expertise to work for them. 

How can we help you?

Optimise resource use and plan ahead for future needs

The DCbrain solution gives you the means to clearly analyze future business volumes. With our dedicated optimisation algorithms, you can build simulations that enable you to optimally scale your teams and maximize use of your machines and scarce resources. You will also improve your service quality by preparing for peaks of activity.

Coordinate operations and boost your productivity

Our solution lets you work on two levels: first by simulating and determining optimal organisation of your operations; then by deploying these decisions operationally. You can rapidly analyze your business notifications and indicators, collaborate and save time, through personalized and intuitive user interfaces.




Improve service quality and respect your SLAs


Increase your productivity and reduce your costs

Save time and promote collaboration

Application Examples

Planning of a Team’s Activities and Approving Paid Leave

  • Forecast loads and plan operations: organize paid leave and use of temporary staff
  • Visualize performance indicators and detect at-risk periods before they arrive
  • Carry out simulations to determine the optimal amount of resources needed to complete all tasks on time
  • Share the approved schedule with all employees

Operational Coordination

  • Track task completion in real time
  • Identify critical tasks and notifications to avoid lateness
  • Clearly visualize all tasks to be completed in a given day and week
  • Update the progress status on the go and notify in the event of problems


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