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Our solution enables you to create a digital twin of your gas network, whether it is for transportation or distribution, and all of your active points (injection, consumption, compression). We help you achieve your aims: energy transition, operational efficiency and compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Our Gas Network Expertise to Serve Your Aims

Our solution has been designed in collaboration with research managers and operations departments at our DSO and TSO clients to meet challenges that are specific to gas networks. With our AI expertise and engagement with our clients, we have built a powerful, agile and accurate solution, which enables you to meet all of your needs.

The quality of the injected biomethane was not quite the same as that of the imported natural gas. Our concern was therefore to invoice the gas transport to suppliers and end customers, at the best rate and taking into account this constraint thanks to DCbrain.
Geraldo Alves Director Regaz Bordeaux

Support for each challenge

Better calculate the injection of green gases

With our solution, you can model your gas transportation or distribution network and all of your active points (injection, consumption, etc.). You can automatically calculate higher heating value (HHV) changes in the network following the injection of various types of gas (CH4, biomethane, hydrogen, odorization, etc.) or simulate the presence of a new point in the network and its HHV impact at all points of the network.

Optimize your compression stations

Our solution integrates all of your day-to-day flow requirements: B2C or B2B consumption, connection with other networks, injection points, etc. This enables us to provide optimized modelling of compression levels for a given day. This enables you to reduce your energy bill.

Dynamically plan your network inspection operations

Network inspection operations are complex to plan. To ensure maximum reliability, you need to send measurement instruments to the right places. By combining your gas network with a road map, our solution makes it easy for you to plan inspection route and optimize their operational costs.


Accurately calculate gas quality at all points in the network

Optimize all of the adjustment points in your network

Meet regulatory requirements

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