Optimization of Gas Network Management Operations

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Energy challenges will lastingly impact DSO and TSO business operations. With major aims related to the integration of green gases, networks are becoming more complex. Furthermore, regulatory requirements are growing. DCbrain will support you with its integrated solution for network management assistance.

Green gas, network adjustments, maintenance route

Gas Network Operators: your challenges

Accurately and easily estimate the quality of gas delivered

55%: this is the target for greenhouse gas emissions reduction in Europe by 2030*. With the future of traditional gas in jeopardy, massive injection of green gases raises issues related to calculation and billing. The aim is to be able to calculate the quality of injected gas without investing in new sensors.

*Source: European Commission

Run your network cost-effectively

Gas operators are under increasing pressure from regulators and their shareholders to reduce costs, while maintaining constant service quality. By operating your network more efficiently, particularly by accurately adjusting the various compression stations, you can meet these requirements.

Plan your network inspection operations

Planning network inspections, carried out using specialized vehicles, is time-consuming and complex. You need to be in the right place at the right time. These operations generate significant and growing additional costs, as they now have to be performed more frequently. By planning them better, you can meet the requirements of regulators while limiting your operational costs.

“The solution optimizes gas consumption by end customers as it provides the ratio of biomethane at each point of use, throughout the network and on a daily basis.”
Anne Florence Castaing Engineering Studies and Innovation Lead Manager, Regaz

From calculating gas quality at all points of the network to simulating the integration of an injection station, optimising compression stations and planning network inspection route, our solution helps you meet your challenges

Calculate your gas quality

Efficiently calculating gas quality is crucial for you to offer the best service quality and accurate billing. This is what DCbrain guarantees for you.

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Optimize your network adjustments

Easily control your outgoing and incoming flows to adjust your compressors with maximum precision. This will help you achieve savings of up to 15%!

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Optimize your inspection route

Precisely plan your network inspection operations by creating a digital twin and increase use of your resources by up to 20%

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