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Artificial Intelligence for Logistics & Supply Chains

The world of Supply Chain is transforming and even experiencing a real paradigm shift: pressure of demand, change of organizational models, regulatory evolutions…
Operators absolutely have to adapt to survive. In this context, one word often comes up: data. Perceived as a real lever of value, it is however not easy to exploit. Find out how data enables you to tackle new challenges in the supply chain.

Artificial Intelligence for Logistics & Supply Chains How to use data to tackle the new challenges of supply chains? White paper by DCbrain

Daher & DCbrain: A technology alliance for Innovation in Manufacturing

Optimizing product storage, order preparation for faster delivery, reducing the efforts of pickers, reducing their carbon footprint…

These are the daily challenges faced by supply chain managers specialized in warehousing. In order to meet the expectations of stakeholders as quickly aspossible while ensuring quality of service, industrial groups  need innovation.

Artificial Intelligence for optimised Gas blending: H2 and biomethane

The Gas industry faces major challenges with new gas injections.
Obtaining carbon neutrality in 2045 requires existing systems and infrastructure to manage increasing quantities of decarbonized biogas and hydrogen inflows.

Find out how DCbrain approaches this challenge in this white paper, with a comment by Eurogas.

Artificial Intelligence for Gas consumption & allocation forecast and anomaly detection

The challenges for distributors are threefold: first of all the forecasted volumes may not correspond to actual consumptions. Secondly the large majority of meters are read only once every 3 months, which makes it complicated to check consumption immediately. And finally the gas needs to be allocated adequately among all the network users.

Find out how DCbrain approaches these challenge in this white paper with a usecase of Distrigaz Romania.

Integrating Green Gases: How to reach new levels of performance with Hybrid AI

Gas transport and distribution networks face two main challenges today: New gas injections (Biomethane and Hydrogen) and economical pressure. Find out how we provide solutions with Hybrid AI. Includes use cases of GRDF, Régaz & Teréga.


  INTEGRATING GREEN GASES How to reach new levels of performance with Hybrid AI

Myth and reality of optimisation

A lot of BI tools are often advertised as Optimisation engine, whereas they only provide smart and quick-to-use dashboards. Hence the common feeling that the Big Data revolution failed to bring the promised value. At DCbrain, we believe that we can go from a data visualisation era to a data recommendation Era, meaning that optimisation based on data is possible, even for complex issues.

 Myth and reality of optimization: What is really possible and how to achieve high value gains through Data Analytics White Paper conducted by DCbrain