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Your role as a retailer is a demanding one: you need to make sure products are available at the right time, control CO2 emissions and handle pressure on your margins. Optimize your transportation flows to achieve savings of up to 15%.

Quality of services, CO2 and profitability

Challenges for retailers

Control margins to ensure profitability

The average margin before taxes for the food distribution sector is only 2.3%*. Because transportation is one of your main cost items, poor management of it can directly affect your profitability. This means it is crucial to efficiently manage your transportation plans, in order to maintain your margins and ensure the future of your business.

*Report by the ‘Observatoire de la formation des prix et des marges des produits alimentaires’ (French food sector price and margin surveillance program), 2022

Reduce greenhouse emissions

78% of consumers state that they are prepared to wait for a product delivery if doing so will reduce CO2 emissions. Whether transport is managed internally or is subcontracted, reducing carbon emissions and making it part of CSR policy will positively impact consumer’s buying decisions.

*Graphic ‘Vers une livraison plus transparente et décarbonée’ (towards more transparent and decarbonized deliveries), survey by Toluna for DCbrain, 2022



Enhance customer experience and anticipate shortages

As much as 68% of companies may be affected by raw materials shortages*. In this high-pressure environment, delivering the right product, at the right place and time, is a difficult task. Preparing for shortages by planning your deliveries smartly is key to ensuring an optimal experience. 

*Report by the firm AgileBuyer and the Conseil National des Achats, estimation for 2022

LIDL has made a commitment to reduce its CO2 emissions and this means that we must further optimise our transportation plans. With DCbrain’s AI, we can meet these challenges.
Xavier Pierre Transportation and Environment Manager, Lidl
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To manage your distribution operations more effectively and handle changes of pace, we help you optimize your tactical and operational transportation plans, and manage your resources. 


Tactical Planning

Calculate and optimize your strategies and cut your transportation-related costs by up to 15%, while reducing your CO2 emissions.

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Operational Planning

Adapt your strategies to short-term requirements, or those related to product families, and improve your SLA.

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Supply Planning

Globally optimize your supplies, flows and stocks to avoid shortages and minimize costs.

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Logistics Planning

Easily plan your logistics operations and rapidly schedule your picking tasks with our intralogistics solution.

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