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Paris, September 6, 2022 – Following highly positive feedback received from several sites, Daher and DCbrain are strengthening their collaboration and signing a framework agreement for a duration of two years. The aim: deploy the AI SaaS solution provided by DCbrain more widely within the group and digitalize its logistics operations. This will deliver time savings and enhanced operational performance.

Using AI to serve operational performance

‘Daher and DCbrain have a shared desire: to build long-lasting relationships that will bring added value to our solutions, services and business units, for the benefit of our employees and clients, by improving our operational performance. It is by working hand in hand with innovative companies like DCbrain that we’re able to achieve these kinds of results’, stated Gabriel Raffour, Director of DaherLab. 

In June, Daher signed a framework agreement with the fast-growing start-up, to deploy the INeS artificial intelligence solution on several sites. Following a summer of studies to gather the input data required to model the digital twin, Daher is entering the scoping phase on a pilot site. The solution will be deployed in October. 


A vision of realities in the field and an AI solution designed for logistics that makes the difference

After being won over by a Proof of Concept for the ITER project and the significant investment spending avoided (construction of a new warehouse in particular), the teams expressed their interest in optimizing their processes through the DCbrain solution. As many as five other sites will be able to use the INeS artificial intelligence tool and receive assistance from DCbrain’s teams, with support from Daher’s data service. For this deployment, Daher has four clear objectives: save time, rationalize resource use, secure lead times, and reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

INeS is a logistics optimization and coordination tool designed for logistics engineers, operational managers, team leaders, and site directorsUsing a machine learning algorithm, the software starts by using operational data to create a digital twin of the site, which it can use to simulate all possible logistics scenarios, and identify the best strategies for organization and rationalization of flows. It then adapts in real time to unexpected events (activity spikes, lacking resources, etc.), to put forward the most efficient compromises.’ – Benjamin de Buttet, co-founder of DCbrain.

Thanks to DCbrain and its significant environmental role, Daher will be able to achieve its goal. As for the teams, they will be able to organize day-to-day logistics operations on industrial sites, while optimizing procedures and the use of resources, equipment and storage areas.

‘We worked very closely with DCbrain to identify the tool’s various functionalities and define the specifications. We worked together and this is what we liked about DCbrain: we expect a supplier with a solution that’s focused on operations to adopt an approach that’s focused on realities in the field. This is what happened. This is the way they work’ Edouard Rousseau, Daher’s Data Department Manager.

Renewal, Adaptation, Innovation: DCbrain signs up to Daher’s values to lead this visionary and realistic project.


DCbrain is the specialist in AI applied to flow networks, designed for Supply Chain actors. DCbrain offers them a cutting-edge real-time planning and optimisation platform, using AI and hybrid AI algorithms that far surpass the capabilities of existing network planning tools available on the market, especially when faced with complex network configurations. Today, the company employs 45 people.

Daher is an aircraft and equipment manufacturer and service provider. Daher has established itself as a leader in three main areas: manufacturing aircraft; designing and developing aerospace equipment and systems; providing logistics and supply chain services. It achieved sales of 1.1 billion euros in 2021. Building on its family shareholder base, Daher has pursued innovation since it was founded in 1863. Now present in 13 countries, Daher remains at the forefront of Industry 4.0 by designing and developing high-added-value solutions for its industrial partners. https://www.daher.com/


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Laetitia Bocquet
Content Manager at DCbrain


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