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Paris, 10 November 2022 – In a tense economic and legislative environment, Lidl is innovating and deploying a dynamic optimization project for its transportation plans. To this end, the leading European food-store chain has chosen DCbrain’s flexible and scalable SaaS solution. The aim is to devise transportation plans with greater ease and flexibility, make complex business processes more reliable, and meet the group’s environmental commitments. 

Using AI to serve operational requirements 

The Lidl chain includes 1580 stores in France, which are supplied by 25 logistics platforms. To achieve its decarbonization goal and address rising transportation costs, the group has chosen to digitalize its transportation planning using DCbrain’s solution, which will enable it to visualize, model and optimize its schedules.  

The aim of this collaboration is to cut costs and ensure they are clearly visible, by improving the load factor, the choice and the routes of delivery vehicles. The chain’s operational requirements have been taken into account, particularly the day-night balance in the schedule.  

LIDL has made a commitment to reduce its CO2 emissions and this means that we must further optimize our transportation plans to continue to reduce our carbon footprint. With DCbrain’s AI, we can meet these challenges.’ – Xavier Pierre, Transport and Environment Manager at Lidl France

DCbrain offers a software solution dedicated to the challenges of modeling and dynamically optimizing complex transportation networks. Thanks to an approach and method that are closely aligned with realities in the field, specific requirements are understood and integrated. This was a major factor in Lidl’s decision, to meet its clear business objectives.


Collaborative processes for business teams

Planners will benefit from tangible improvements in their day-to-day work, and will achieve increased efficiency and responsiveness thanks to optimization processes that are digitalized and no longer manual. This complex planning stage will be made more reliable through a more collaborative process that enables planning ahead and decision making.  

In addition to its solution based on a robust hybrid AI, DCbrain offers specialist expertise in the area of logistics and transport, which means it can integrate the needs of teams in the field and help them take the solution on board.’ Benjamin de Buttet, COO @ DCbrain


Achieve your CSR objectives through digital optimization 

Lidl is already committed to specific goals in terms of its transport: use vehicles powered by green energy, improve the utilization rate and load factor, and reduce distance travelled. The reason is not just economic; the aim is to pursue progress and respect for the environment. Lidl has been engaged in the reduction of its carbon footprint, across all of its business activities, for many years.

Fully in line with its DNA, DCbrain’s task is to support Lidl and its teams in this societal and environmental approach. The keys to its success are optimized transportation plans and improved visibility, to make its commitments a reality.



DCbrain is the specialist in AI applied to flow networks, designed for Supply Chain actors. DCbrain offers them a cutting-edge real-time planning and optimisation platform, using AI and hybrid AI algorithms that far surpass the capabilities of existing network planning tools available on the market, especially when faced with complex network configurations. Today, the company employs 45 people.

Lidl is a new local supermarket, with 1580 supermarkets and 48,000 employees. Lidl France is based on a unique distribution concept  that is focused on proximity and simplicity. Since 2012, the chain has been modernizing while taking into account the green transition. LIDL offers a selected assortment of products, with 72% made in France. This model has enabled LIDL France to stand out and win over French consumers. 


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Laetitia Bocquet
Content Manager at DCbrain

Lidl France




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