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Paris, March 22, 2023 – To reach its objectives in terms of process standardization, reliable transportation flows and reduced CO2 emissions, CEVA Logistics decided to opt for DCbrain’s AI solution. The group trusted in its SaaS solution to simplify the creation of its routes. Let’s take a look at this innovative choice with an international focus.

Reaching operational excellence through AI

Operational excellence is at the heart of CEVA Logistics’ identity. Additionally, the group is committed to going ever further for its customers and providing them with the best quality service. In order to respect its commitments, CEVA Logistics opted for Artificial Intelligence with DCbrain. Consequently, to simplify logistical planning, the AI specialist’s contribution is based on the activity of finished vehicle logistics (FVL), which was formerly piloted by GEFCO and is now associated with CEVA Logistics. The objective is to digitize the processes in order to improve the processing of transportation orders, group them into routes, and assign the most suitable trucks in the fleet. Before this technological shift, the creation of transportation routes was based on static blueprints with heterogeneous processes from one agency to another and from one country to the next. However, thanks to the digitization of transportation flows using the Digital twin, upstream standardization work makes it possible to automate a portion of the tasks and therefore boost route planning.

A tool commensurate with the teams’ expertise 

CEVA Logistics opted for Artificial Intelligence with DCbrain to ensure the planners are provided with a tool commensurate with their knowledge of the profession, thus standardizing working methods from one agency to another. Previously, planners relied on a TMS that did not allow for an overall vision of flows or the testing of different scenarios based on different constraints. The data used came from various poorly standardized sources such as Excel files, emails, and papers. Today, DCbrain’s transportation planning solution empowers operational teams to push their boundaries and conduct frequent planning tests, enabling them to make well-informed choices. The extremely fast calculation time creates new uses, which are also available throughout Europe.

“Artificial Intelligence makes it possible for planners to go even further. Therefore, it must be able to integrate their expertise as fast as possible. The TMS-DCbrain combination is going to develop in order to provide even more flexibility to users.”

Benjamin de Buttet, COO @ DCbrain


International support for a sustainable supply chain

Transportation flows are complex, and their planning is influenced by a multitude of evolving constraints, requiring users to constantly reevaluate their transportation planning and overall supply chain. In order to simplify the work for its planners, CEVA Logistics is taking a step further by leveraging AI. The group aims to enhance the sustainability and adaptability of its supply chain. As a result, CEVA Logistics made the decision to deploy the decision-making support solution in its French offices and four other European countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, and the Czech Republic. Recognizing the need for a new approach, local teams actively participate in the adoption of the solution to improve responsiveness in the face of unforeseen events and reduce the stress associated with order delivery. This collaboration between DCbrain and CEVA Logistics, driven by the on-the-ground dynamics, aims to enhance the long-term performance of the group’s supply chain.

“Rethinking route planning has led us to challenge the ways in which we work in order to streamline planning and make it possible to capitalize on the benefits of AI in the automation of planners’ tasks.”

Thomas Maître, Chief Project Officer @ CEVA Logistics



DCbrain: a specialist in AI applied to logistics flows, partners with manufacturers, distributors, and transport providers to make the supply chain more environmentally friendly and responsive. Through its AI-powered SaaS solution, which combines both AI and hybrid technologies, DCbrain is dedicated to supporting planners in simplifying day-to-day logistics operations. This AI hybrid technology significantly outperforms traditional and static planning tools. Currently, the company has a workforce of 45 individuals.

CEVA Logistics: a worldwide supply chain leader. Thanks to its 110,000 employees employed in over 1,300 locations in more than 170 countries, CEVA Logistics offers a complete range of logistics and freight management services. The group asks its specialists to create personalized end-to-end solutions in order to meet the changing needs of the supply chain. CEVA Logistics is part of the CMA CGM group, a worldwide leader in maritime transportation and logistics.

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