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Organising your logistics is a complex and comprehensive process. In addition to handling orders from end to end, your daily challenges include ensuring your business profitability and service level, and planning your FTEs. By optimising your logistics flows, you can achieve savings of up to 15%.

Customer Pressure, Human Resources and Service Level

Logistics Experts: your challenges

Keep the pressure off your customers

Delivering the right product, to the right place, at the right time is key to ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. Anticipate possible delays in deliveries due to lack of resources by skillfully planning your activity to serve your customers on time.

Overcome the shortage of Human Resources

Following the spectacular growth of e-commerce, there were more than 540,000 order-picking positions to be filled in France in 2022*. However, there are real difficulties in finding candidates. Remove tasks with low added value by optimally planning your FTEs and maintain your teams while attracting the talents of tomorrow. 

*Source: Pôle Emploi (French national employment agency)

Demand excellence for your service level

A key figure that reflects strong demand: 718 billion euros. This was the sales figure achieved by European e-commerce in 2021*. Transactions are growing and an increasing number of actors are appearing as a result. Optimize your SLAservice level to stand out from the competition, by making customer deliveries in the right place and at the right time.

*European e-commerce Report, 2022

The complexity of storage types (between racks, on the floor, etc.) meant that we had many different ways to store a parcel and we had to provide a vision of storage needs 24 months in advance.
Gabriel Raffour Director of the Daher Lab, Daher

Our solution will help you meet your challenges by calculating strategies, optimizing your operational transportation plans, simulating alternative scenarios, planning your logistics operations, and more.

Tactical Planning

With DCbrain, you can build strategies that are optimized for your challenges, to analyze real and projected network performance.

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Operational Planning

Adapt your transport plans according to your resources and model your network and all your operating rules with DCbrain

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Supply planning

Simulate alternative scenarios and optimize flows in your supply chain with our supply planning solution.

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Logistics Planning

Easily plan your logistics operations by scheduling your picking tasks with DCbrain.

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