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Reducing transport costs by up to 15% is possible, even in a context of rising costs, constraints on resources and satisfying demanding customers while pursuing both profitability and decarbonization objectives.

Profitability, Staff Shortages and CO2 emissions

Freight carrier challenges

Maintain your profitability in the face of rising costs

In 2022, the price of commercial diesel fuel increased by 43.5%. Environmental and geopolitical disturbances caused by the Covid pandemic have strongly pushed resource prices upwards, in particular the price of gasoline. Maintaining margins while controlling per kilometer cost requires enhanced visibility and traceability of spending.

*Diesel fuel price history (excluding VAT), source: CNR

Overcome labor shortages

 425,000 vacant truck driver positions in Europe. This is the reality you are facing. A wave of retirements, a job that is less attractive to younger generations, and fears about driverless trucks are just some of the factors that are harming the sector. Maximizing use of your resources and in particular human resources, is key to pursuing growth. 

*‘Driver Shortage Global Report’ by the IRU, 2022

Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions

In Europe, more than one quarter of CO2 emissions is related to freight transportation: the EU has committed to a 55% reduction in these emissions by 2030. Decarbonisation of the sector is essential to meet regulatory requirements. Beyond changes in transportation and motorization modes, optimizing distances travelled is key to succeeding. It is time to act.

* Statista survey, source: European Environment Agency, 2020

 Currently, one third of drivers will retire over the coming five years. At this rate, we could have up to 200,000 unfilled driver positions in France in five years’ time. (IRU report, 2022)
Marie-Anne Cervoni Senior Manager Strategy & Market Intelligence, International Road Transport Union.

Network performance analysis, planning ahead for seasons, optimisation of short-term operations, and reviewing transportation plans are challenges that you face every day. Our optimisation solution assists you and meets your needs, whether they are tactical or operational.

Tactical Planning

Cut your transportation-related costs by up to 15% and reduce your CO2 emissions with our optimization solution for your transportation plans

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Operational Planning

Optimize your transportation operations for an improved service level and adapt them quickly depending on the available resource

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Courrier Transport

Easily identify the best routing rules according to your resources to improve your business profitability.

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